The Erasmus+ DISH project

CETREA Training

The urological department at Sygehus Sondejylland in Denmark has just moved to a new ward. Simultaneously, their digital patient logistic system, Cetrea IDF screens, has been changed to the latest version. To help the staff, especially nurses, adapt to new and altered functions in Cetrea, trainers from the hospitals own Lærings- og Forskningshus (Learning and Research Center) are now daily present in their new ward. Based on the staff needs, six days “on-the-job training” has been planned as an on-site training to increase their Cetrea competencies in their new environment. Approximately 3 -7 staff members participate each day. The Learning Innovation Unit concept (LIU)  has been used before and after this training, in addition to the training itself. To the LIU meetings, staff, IT specialists, and management have met with the training staff to ensure that the training will take offset in the ward’s actual needs.