The Erasmus+ DISH project

Digital skills training: back on track in Denmark

The “On the Job Training” of digital skills is being resumed at the Hospital of Southern Jutland after a long break imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions. The five training sessions originally scheduled for March have been rescheduled for the last two weeks of August and the last preparations are underway.

Logistically, some things had to change – smaller training areas and reduced number of attendees to ensure compliance with safety rules. Despite the limitations, all the registered participants have been allotted a training session to attend. Conceptually however, the pandemic has confirmed once more the need for healthcare staff to have up-to-date digital skills, both to undertake their job in the best way possible, but also to be able to assist patients and citizens with setting up digital meeting systems.

The three concepts – On-the-job training; Learning Innovation Unit; Assessment – are combined, through the DISH platform, to bridge the current e-health solutions already present in the healthcare system with the general need for widespread uptake of these solutions. During the trainings, the concepts are tested and evaluated, contributing with essential input to the WP4 evaluation and for the WP5 framework of best practices and sustainability document and sector strategy.