The Erasmus+ DISH project

DISH-concept to be integrated into portfolio of the Digital Health Hub in Greifswald (Germany)

On location at DHH From left to right: Toralf Schnell (CDO Greifswald University Medicine), Thomas Karopka (BioCon Valley® GmbH,, German DISH-Project Partner) and Dr. Wolfgang Blank (CEO Witeno GmbH and President of the Chamber of Commerce Neubrandenburg)

In a first meeting in the recently inaugurated Digital Health Hub Greifswald (DHH), Dr. Wolfgang Blank (CEO of Witeno GmbH and President of the Chamber of Commerce Neubrandenburg) and Toralf Schnell (CDO Greifswald University Medicine) agreed to test the DISH concepts for integration into the portfolio of services of the DHH Greifswald, one of six Digital Innovation Centres of the German Federal State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The Digital Innovation Centre “Alte Mensa”, which is currently under construction, is already setting the course for future generations of founders in the Hanseatic City of Greifswald and the neighbouring regions.

With areas for collaborative work, creative and workshop spaces as well as a modular system of support services, such as coaching and advice on business, legal or financial issues, the Digital Innovation Centre Greifswald will be central contact for innovators and founders.

With the Digital Health Hub Greifswald (DHH), located within the Digital Innovation Centre, a main area of occupation will be the topic off digital health. The DHH will closely work together with the Greifswald University Medicine.

The DISH concepts, which promote multidisciplinary collaboration and change management, fit well into the portfolio of planned services of the DHH. Start-ups in digital health as well as personnel from the University Medicine will benefit from the concepts when introducing digital innovations into the clinical workflow.

One of the first companies that used the DISH concepts for planning the introduction of their product into the clinical workflow was the start-up Medventi. Currently, their app for patient-nurse-communication is tested in the clinical setting.

At Greifswald University Medicine, with its more than 4.000 employees, there is a great need for innovative concepts for qualification and training to master the digital transformation. “The DISH concepts come right in time for the many digitalisation projects that are currently under development in the University Medicine” said Toralf Schnell the CDO of the University Clinic. Further meetings are planned to discuss how Greifswald University Medicine can make the best use of the DISH concepts.