The Erasmus+ DISH project

DISH project’s experience
during the COVID-19 year:
Changing challenges into opportunities.

The DISH project is in the middle of the testing phase, where the deliverables from the project, meaning the concepts for setting up a Leaning Innovation Unit, carry through the on-the-job training as well as the assessment process, are being used in practice within hospitals and other test sites.

The CORONA crisis has of course been a huge challenge for the DISH project, as for many other innovation and development projects. But for the DISH project it has been especially challenging, because the project is implemented within the health care sector. Because of the crisis this sector is extremely under pressure, so training activities are not very high on the agenda, and it has been difficult to get into contact with relevant stakeholders.

We have though tried to use the CORONA crisis to our advantage as the use of digital solutions have become even more relevant and necessary, and in this context training is needed, in order to implement and make the solutions work in a good way asap. The partners have working hard to identify and utilize these opportunities, meaning that 12 test sites have already been set up with a LIU and training activities. Another 8 test sites will be set up in the coming months.

As a consequence of the crisis, we will also try to carry through some of the training activities as online training, and our German partners from Lubeck have engaged with a private online supplier to assist the DISH project in this area. This is very interesting and will bring new and interesting aspects to the project.

Based on our testing results and valuable input from stakeholders outside the consortium, the prototype of the concepts for setting up a Leaning Innovation Unit, carry through the on-the-job training as well as the assessment process, have been updated.

The 3 concepts have been merged into one common deliverable so that it is easier to understand the connection between the three concepts. We have also introduced conceptual definitions and explained the theories that are the foundation for the concepts, so that it is easier for people outside the consortium to understand the concepts. You can find the updated concepts draft description on our website via this link:

By the end of the project, when we have all test results, this draft description will be used as a foundation to change the project website into “the DISH toolbox”, where all material can downloaded and used directly as online tools to set up a Learning Innovation Unit, carry out on-the-job training as well as assessment of trainees.