The Erasmus+ DISH project

Hospital Southern Jutland: On-the-job training at the geriatric ward to prevent inpatient falls.

Inpatient geriatric falls are a frequent complication of hospital care, resulting in significant morbidity and mortality, including serious injuries, prolonged hospitalization, increased hospital financial liability, decreased quality of life, and increased risk for placement in nursing homes.

The geriatric ward in Aabenraa at the Hospital of Southern Denmark cares for approximately 1100 patients per year. In 2020 the wards registered around 40 incidents where a patient fell unattended. To prevent falls, the ward, in collaboration with Ascom and the Learning – and Research centre at the hospital, agreed on a test period for Opti Seat and Bed exit sensor. Both systems trigger an alarm to the nurse call system when someone releases pressure, either by exiting the chair or the bed.

Based on the concepts developed within the Erasmus+ DISH project, chief consultant at the Learning – and Research centre Trine Ungermann Fredskild, the DISH project coordinator, collaborates with all relevant stakeholders of the ward.  Several meetings took place where the principles of the Learning Innovation Unit contributed to clarifying the specific knowledge and competencies needed concerning the technology. The On-the-Job training was conducted at the ward. To ensure that as many staff members as possible received training, chief consultant Trine Ungermann Fredskild and trainer Sabine P. Olsen attended for five days at different hours at the ward. After an introduction to the technologies, staff had hands-on training to practice skills and competencies.

The test period is still ongoing, but present evaluation from the staff demonstrates that 77%  (10 out of 13 evaluations) express that training was thorough and satisfactory to ensure staff members gained the needed knowledge and competencies to use the new technologies.