The Erasmus+ DISH project

Open Webinar arranged by Norwegian Smart Care Cluster: Implementation and effective training of health professionals


The COVID-19 outbreak has led to digitization at express speed. For many, a long-awaited springboard for the implementation of new digital solutions in the health and care sector. But how do we ensure the effective implementation of digital solutions for the employees taking care of the healthcare services provision?

Partner in the DISH Norwegian Triple Helix, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC), organized a webinar targeting the enhancement of digital skills in the healthcare sector, inviting as one of the speakers the DISH Vaksdal municipality partner. The target group addressed by the webinar have been municipalities and other actors supplying health care services as well as technological providers who want to learn more about challenges and needs in the municipalities when implementing new solutions. 

Anita L. Sævild gave a lecture about the DISH project and experiences from Vaksdal municipality in using the concept.