The Erasmus+ DISH project

Training in the use of video solutions for discharge planning conferences

Discharge planning conferences are meetings between the secondary healthcare sector (the hospital) and the primary sector (municipal care facility), focused on patient discharge from the hospital premises to the municipal care. These planning conferences are essential for bridging the two healthcare sectors and ensuring a smooth transition for the patients. A prerequisite is therefore effective communication between the two sectors and a shared understanding of the technology used to hold the conference.

The Hospital of Southern Jutland (SHS) has organized training sessions where staff from both sectors meet and simulate the discharge planning conference. Throughout the five sessions between August 19th – August 28th, the Learning and Research Center of SHS has trained 53 participants in the use of video technology for efficient discharge planning conferences. Participants from the hospital, from the psychiatric hospital and from three municipalities (Aabenraa, Haderslev and Sønderborg) met together in the training facilities to participate in a hands-on approach to training of digital skills.

 The participants have simulated cases taken from clinical practice and could focus on multiple aspects, both on the conference itself, but also on the use of the technology and troubleshooting to fix errors. The participants reflected on the training and exchanged views, experience and needs in relation to the discharge planning conference. These exercises prepared the healthcare staff to handle different situations, where both video meeting aspects and technology-related issues can influence the quality of the discharge planning conference.