The Erasmus+ DISH project

Update in the care route and management of the Type II Diabetes Mellitus dashboard

Within the DISH project framework, Hospital La Fe, Polytechnic University and University of Valencia, are about to launch a course which main objective is to introduce to healthcare professionals in the use of Information Communication technologies already available in the Health Valencia-La Fe department and to improve their basic digital competences for a safe and efficient use of the digital resources for administrative and healthcare management.

The training course is composed by 5 learning modules:

1) introduction and presentation of the structure and methodology of the course,

2) Type II Diabetes Mellitus (IIDM) disease,

3) Update and healthcare route in IIDM,

4) Prescription of digital resources in IIDM, and

5) IIDM dashboard functioning.

Regarding methodology, the on-line course is based on self-learning guided through different thematic units and the resources allocated. Knowledge will be acquired by reading and studying contents, but also watching videos, and performing the proposed hands-on training activities, in order to put into practice the theoretical contents.

This course was created to take advantage of the already developed resources and e-health solutions in order to better equip the healthcare staff which is one of the main objectives of the DISH project.