The Erasmus+ DISH project

Uptake of Innovation in Hospitals through Skills Development

In a working group organized by ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) in Brussels, Belgium, Trine Ungermann Fredskild has presented the DISH project idea and what has generated the need for such a project. Based on behavioural design, Trine’s presentation focused on the importance of helping the users retain innovations by using behavioural design and concrete measures.  

The guest speakers (Trine Ungermann Fredskild – senior consultant; Morten Bo Søndergaard Svendsen – civil engineer; Juan Jose Fernandez Romero – policy advisor) were joined by panellists in a debate on the uptake of innovation in hospitals, on the need for digital skills training and on why sometimes innovations are not retained.  

The varied background of the panellists delivered interesting points of view for the same problematics and gave inspiration and food for thought on the shared efforts to uptake innovation through skills development.