The Erasmus+ DISH project


Public deliverables

Please find below a list of the project work pakages that generate public deliverables.

Benefit from the experience gained within DISH project downloading the full available documents by clicking on their titles.

DISH D2.1: Baseline Report

This baseline report is the foundation on which the three DISH concepts, learning innovation unit, on the job training and the assessment and acknowledgement of skills and competences, have been developed.

Its content is based on the mapping of existing materials and knowledge, needs analysis within the participating test sites and recommendations on how those activities can feed into the DISH concepts development process.

DISH D3.1: Concept for Learning Innovation Unit_First release

The document presents the first version of the the Learning Innovation Unit, an organisational concept which can help the health care providers to create a flexible learning and innovation environment when a specific need shows up.

DISH D3.2: Concept for “on the job” training First release

The document outlines the first version of the “On the Job” training, a concept based on practice-related cases training in a secure environment drawn from the daily work of healthcare staff.

DISH D3.3: Concept for assessment and acknowledgement of skills and competences_First release

This deliverables frames the first version of the assessment and acknowledgement of skills and competences, a conceptual model conceived to evaluate the enhancement of competences approached as an integral part of the training and implementation of technologies in healthcare.

DISH D4.4: Implementation report

The European Report outlines the results of the DISH evaluation gathered from all Triple Helix partners in relation to the project’s testing phas

DISH D7.3: Articles_First release

The deliverable collects the “first round” of local and international publications produced by the DISH partners during the first year of the project.


Training materials

The DISH training materials included here are those currently used in each of the DISH pilot sites. Those materials will be enriched and updated during the project life course taking into account the needs and feedbacks of the health and social care staff part of the project’s testing phase.

The fine-tuned and final version of the DISH training materials will be made available in this section for implementation beyond the partnership and the project period.